Prosoft-Systems at SPIGF-2018: High tech solutions for gas industry automation

27 September 2018

The Prosoft-Systems Engineering Company will demonstrate leading-edge solutions for oil-and-gas facility and power supply automation at the 8th St. Petersburg International Gas Forum. From October 2 through October 5, at the EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Centre, Prosoft-Systems representatives will be introducing the company’s range of equipment to Russian and foreign partners; the presentation will include actual examples of Regul controller-based automated control systems put into operation in the gas industry. During the forum, Prosoft-Systems will sign an agreement with GES Gas-Energy-Solutions GmbH (Germany).

The booth of Prosoft-Systems is in Pavilion F (No E-5) located at: 64/1 Peterburgskoye shosse. Guests are welcome to visit the company’s booth and to look at its multifunction controllers, information systems and software on October 2–4 from 10:00 to 18:00, on October 5 from 10:00 to 16:00. Forum participants will see the following innovative products and projects:

Oil and gas facility automation:

  • New! Russian software and hardware complex – AlfaRegul – for building critical and distributed automated process control systems
  • New! Concept of the REGUL R500S controller for emergency shutdown (ESD) systems with safety integrity level (SIL)
  • REGUL R600 and R500 programmable logic controllers for building fault-tolerant automated process control systems
  • REGUL R400 and R200 programmable logic controllers for local and distributed automated process control systems

Power supply control and automation at oil and gas facilities

Upgraded product line:

  • ARIS C303 switchgear controller  
  • ARIS-48xx communication controllers
  • ARIS-22xx controllers for 6-35 kV switchgears with relay protection and emergency control solutions 
  • ARIS 2808/2805/2803 multifunction controllers for automated information and measurement systems, telemetry, automated fiscal metering system for electricity
  • ECOM-3100 modular data acquisition and transmission device


  • Redkit SCADA – a new-generation system for automation of power and production facilities;
  • Energosfera 8 software package providing visualization of power consumption for each process (oil production, treatment, gas supply, compensation, drilling operations, etc.)

Foreign visitors are welcome to the Prosoft-Systems booth on October 2 at 14:00 to listen to the presentation prepared by the company specialists. The guests will learn about technical capabilities of REGUL controllers for distributed automated process control systems, turbines and energy resource fiscal metering. They also will be introduced to the key features and architecture of the controllers as well as to the software for SCADA systems. The presentation will include the description of the REGUL R500S controller for ESD systems. The device came out in 2018; it conforms to the safety integrity level (SIL) 3 even in a single-channel configuration; it supports various redundancy options for improved fault tolerance.

In addition, Prosoft-Systems specialists have prepared a detailed presentation about actual examples and prospects for using of the equipment manufactured by the company. The booth will be visited by Middle Eastern and European delegations, including representatives of Wintershall Holding GmbH, one of the largest German companies in the field of oil and gas exploration and production in Europe, North Africa, North and South America, in Russia and in the Caspian Sea Region.

During the Gas Forum, Prosoft-Systems is planning to sign a letter of intent with GES Gas-Energy-Solutions GmbH, which is located in Kassel (Germany) and takes an active part in international projects of the gas sector in the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia. The partners will document the existing business relationship and discuss future plans for using REGUL programmable logic controllers in GES projects. The most ambitious projects will include automation of gas regulators to control the parameters of smooth gas delivery with required characteristics as well as automated acquisition of data on fuel transportation. The international partners may also be interested in REGUL R200 gas odorization and heating systems.

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